AT 6iX we strive for the best advertising for our clients.



“At Pam Gabriels Audiology and Tinnitus we have used 6IX to advertise the important work we do. 82% of our work is from clients who live a significant distance from our clinic indicating that getting the message out there is important for small businesses to grow. We are extremely happy to recommend 6IX to other businesses.

Expertise, experience and innovative technology are great assets for a business. To get the word out there however, you need an excellent radio station popular with the people who may need your services. That is why 6IX have been so good for our business at Pam Gabriels Audiology and Tinnitus Management”

Morley Mitsubishi has been advertising with 6iX since our inception in 2018 we have found it a valuable resource for our branding and providing value add to our business. Simon our account manager who continuously provides everything from ad creation , marketing ideas , general market information and networking opportunities we don’t become the ‘forgotten ones’ and is a partnership we truly value. Our reach now means our market share has increased and our brand is noticed through the wide audience that 6iX attracts. If we need a message delivered to a greater audience forever classic 1080 6iX is our station of choice.

Tyson Joel

Sales Manager


Western Wildflower Gardens started the radio journey with 6ix in November 2019. The service is fantastic. We continue to work with a team of talented people who assists us to blend our wildflower knowledge and what we do with theirs. They create our message to be clear and professional. The results are that our community’s are now blending and our common values of community connection, door to door experiences and community wellness are being achieved every day.”

Founder of Western Wildflower Gardens and The Wildflower Corridor


Simon and the team at 6iX have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Baptistcare has been advertising regularly on the station over the last 12 months and it has had a great impact for us. The service is fantastic – Simon is always flexible, quick to respond and will bend over backwards for us. We are confident we are reaching our target demographic through 6iX and feel it is a really good fit for Baptistcare.


At The Lobster Shack in Cervantes, since we’ve been advertising at 6IX for the last 12 months, we have seen a huge increase in sales. Especially in the last month with the buy local campaign. For us being in a small remote town, it’s been incredibly beneficial for us to be able to reach a wider audience, and bring more people in to experience what we have to offer at The Lobster Shack. Blackas does great voiceovers for us, and John Burgess is the best to have for your outside broadcast if you’re thinking of having one. Simon one of the reps at 6IX, keeps you informed and updated with whats going on at the station. We stream 6IX to our customers, as we’re remote.

As a business, SKG Radiology has been advertising with 6IX for the past few years. The ability to connect with listeners that may need our services is vital in this current market and these current times. 6IX allows me to know with confidence that my message is being conveyed to the correct audience. The trust in our brand, SKG Radiology, is something that I take very seriously and is something that I feel is reflected with 6IX. Trust, confidence, capable – that’s the best way to describe my relationship with the station.

My Account Manager, Simon Rosaman, is easy to deal with, friendly and knowledgeable and helps me deliver what is best for the business. Thanks Simon and Evan.


Weight Watchers Federation (WA Inc.) wanted to reach out to a wider audience in the hopes of encouraging more people to join our clubs.  It was agreed that we try Radio Advertising, and 6iX was our chosen radio station.  As we are new to this, we had no idea where to start with our advertisement, so initial contact with Simon Rosaman was the way to go.  We found Simon most helpful in guiding us to our end result and our Radio Advertisement has been very well received and has reached far and wide.  We believe it was money well spent.  Thank you 6iX.

Shirley Sardelich

State Federation President


As a Radio advertiser and Managing Director of GA PERRY for the past 22 years building a brand, it is important to understand with radio advertising, that initially patience is a must. Therefore, it is imperative to find the right Station and Account Manager.

Just feeling comfortable with an Account Manager is not enough, as you will have to heavily rely on them and be led by their guidance over the next year. Trust is therefore a must, so you need to find an astute, experienced, and knowledgeable industry person with a proven track record is imperative.

Over the years, having dealt with best in game, what I can say is there is no one better than Simon Rosaman.  Not only does Simon tick all the boxes, he genuinely cares and he is there to help. Complimented by a dynamic team lead by General Manager, Evan Broadway it was quickly evident a solid business ethos is in place.

When looking into radio advertising in Perth, once doing your homework to seek the best value return for your dollar spend, it is actually a no-brainer, you just can’t go past 6IX.

Alvin McKavanagh

Managing Director


We are writing on behalf of 6IX, who we have known now for approximately 3 months.

During this relatively short time, we have been overwhelmed with the professionalism of 6IX and quality of service.

We are a small business and in our pursuit of advertising on radio, we were extremely fortunate to encounter the team at 6IX.  Initially speaking over the phone with them, we were immediately impressed with their enthusiasm and positiveness.

It was clear from the start that 6IX wanted to help us in bringing our product to the attention of the public and in driving sales. What 6IX has delivered has been far more than what we could have ever possibly imagined. They have provided us with a detailed and comprehensive schedule of broadcasts, which was fully costed and comfortable within our budget. Not only did they win our trust, 6IX has over delivered on what he had promised us.

The response from the public more than speaks for itself. Our sales have soared, and we have never been busier in meeting the demands of our customers. We believe that we would never have achieved these levels so early without the 6IX expertise.  Clearly, they are highly knowledgeable about the inner workings of the radio industry and their advice is invaluable.

Upon meeting them face-to-face, we felt that we had already known them for a long time. They are people oriented, love what they do and is sincere in wanting to do the absolute best that they can for you. 6IX is the station that you can trust completely, with the peace of mind that you will never find anyone who can provide a higher quality result.

We can elaborate in so many ways about 6IX, please feel free to contact us. We certainly look forward to a long association with them. We have no doubts whatsoever that with their guidance, we will continue to attain ever greater success.

For any business looking to widen their horizons, 6IX is the radio station for you.

Jewel and Kevin Fisher

The Devil’s Tears